A new investment – Wastewater Fuels

Earth9’s second investment, Wastewater Fuels, is a ground-breaking wastewater treatment and hydrogen generation technology company.  

Inspired by work carried out by Co-Founder Daniel Carlotta-Jones whilst at the University of Warwick, Wastewater Fuels has taken significant steps forward in the technological advancement of Microbial Electrolysis Cells or MECs. MECs work by applying an electrical current to an electrode colonised with microbes. These microbes then treat organic matter, including all forms of waste and wastewater streams, whilst releasing hydrogen that can then be captured.

Treating waste, particularly human waste, is a global challenge and a massive energy burden. However, these wastes contain vast amounts of energy which we could be utilising at a time when our energy security is in question. By harnessing the power of microbes, Wastewater Fuels’s patented MEC technology will be able to treat wastes whilst generating energy in the form of hydrogen. Early trials are showing electrical efficiencies far beyond those of any conventional electrolysis or so-called ‘green hydrogen’ technologies.

Wastewater’s modular technology will be highly versatile, deployable at large-scale wastewater treatment plants all the way down to a small, easy to transport unit. The potential positive humanitarian impact of being able to turn human-waste into clean water and energy would be profound.

The investment was made via our partnership with TSP Ventures.

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