Whether you’re a business, school or individual we can help you with your journey to becoming Planet Positive.

Planet Positive Workforce

Build a Planet Positive culture by mitigating your team’s annual carbon footprint. We’ve made it super simple to calculate this with different commuter plans and have spread the cost over a year as a monthly subscription. Affordable and impactful. Help your employees start their carbon neutral journey today.


Planet Together

Planet Together empowers the younger generation to take climate action. Our programme works closely with schools, parents and children to take them through an educational and fun, carbon neutral journey. We’re proud to support the climate warriors of the future.


Ocean Plastic Recovery

Working together, we can help remove and recycle the 12.7 million tonnes of plastic that enters our oceans every year. Earth9 works in partnership with the world’s first Verra-certified ocean plastic recovery and recycling project, reducing the local impact plastic waste causes and supporting vulnerable communities.

Tree Planting

Trees are the earth’s greatest natural resource, yet we still cut down 14 billion trees a year. Recognising their carbon storing importance, we have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees all over the world, whilst also providing jobs for local communities and helping to build thriving ecosystems.


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